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Real Examples of Our Work

Wastewater Treatment Works - Kent

Penstock Releasing

Three 72 inch penstocks released in 6 hours. Freeing the penstocks avoided a lengthy plant shutdown and saved the treatment works time and a huge overpumping cost, estimated around £2 million pounds.

Wastewater Treatment Works - Liverpool

Penstock Releasing

A 60 inch penstock which had not moved for more than 20 years was fully-released in only one hour. This top quality penstock will now give many more years service.

Heathrow Airport - Seized Fire Main

Fire Main Valve Releasing

This was an emergency response for London Heathrow Airport. It involved freeing a 12 inch valve on the fire main.

Replacing this valve would have involved the excavation of the hangar floor to a depth in excess of 16 feet and freezing the pipeline with liquid nitrogen. This process is very expensive and involves loss of supply. With our unique technology, there was no loss of supply and the valve was released in less than one hour.

Sewage Treatment Works - Leeds

Sewage Valve Releasing

Releasing this massive 72 inch valve was swift and cost efficient. The alternative was to shut down the works and overpump the wet well into a fleet of tankers at a cost in excess of one million pounds.

The treatment works continued to operate normally during the releasing process and the valve was freed within four hours.

Milton Keynes - Burst Water Main

Water Main Valve Releasing

This example was an emergency response to a burst water main in Milton Keynes. The valve nearest the burst was seized in the open position. Closing the next valve along the main would have resulted in the loss of water supply to some 8,000 homes, with huge cost implications.

The seized valve was successfully released within 5 hours of receiving the call.

Oil Refinery - Scotland - Cat Cracker

Oil Refinery - Cat Cracker Valve Releasing to the Rescue!

We were called out to this refinery to solve a problem on the cat cracker. A valve which was required to be closed for essential maintenance work had deposits of the catalyst in the valve seat and a full isolation could not be obtained.

Within a few hours,' unique non-intrusive process successfully removed the deposits, avoiding a multi-million pound shutdown.

Cheshire Oil Refinery - Cooling System

Cooling System Valve Releasing

This high-quality 42 inch valve had not moved for more than 40 years. It needed to be closed to facilitate the connection of a new pipeline.

The work was successfully completed one weekend with no loss of production.